Accomplish your running goals with personalized training plans, daily accountability, and a strong community of people pursuing the same dream.


It doesn't matter if you're beginning or advanced; fast or slow;
big or skinny; black or white; rich or poor; or even despise running.
My First Finish welcomes anyone with a goal and the drive to pursue it

What we can help with

Ironman triathlon training plans

Full marathon training plans

Weight loss running plans

Olympic triathlon training plans

Half marathon training plans

Calisthenic workout routines

Sprint triathlon training plans

Ultramarathon training plans

General aerobic training plans

We believe that every running journey starts from a unique place and that's why we customize every training plan around your specific goals, schedule, and fitness level. 

After the plan is set, we hold you accountable to it every day. If sunset comes and you haven't ran yet, you can expect a friendly text from us checking in :)

Every month we'll set up check-in phone calls to review your progress and discuss what training might look like moving forward. 

How we do it

Who we do it with

Our community represents 23 states and 4 countries

First 2 weeks are free,
what do you have to lose?

We offer this to every finisher so they can try us out first before fully committing

What do real finishers have to say?


Running makes up so much of who I am and M1f has given me a community of people across the country that I get to share it with. I'm inspired every day by the group and am so grateful I found them.

Faith Demane - GA


Running with M1F redefined my expectations of myself. 26.2 miles seemed like an absolutely infeasible goal. With Zack and the M1F community by my side, 6 months later I crossed the finish line.

David Roberts - AZ

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 2.17.31 AM.png

Every hard thing worth accomplishing takes consistent work over a long period of time. M1F supported me through that work and got me to my first two marathons in less than a year.

Aarti Narayanan - MI

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