Meet The Team

Zack McCarty

Meet Zack, Co-Founder of M1F.
He ran his first marathon to disprove his college nickname Chunkers, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment turned it into his big love. A few years later, Zack completed his first Ironman. Fast forward to now, Zack is passionate about helping others not only complete their first marathon, but to test their limits.
Zack lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Nathan Gupta

Meet Nathan, Co-Founder of M1F.
He is a marathoner with a history of running. After college, Nathan became curious as to whether he could actually go further and faster than he did in high school. With Zack's encouragement, he finished his first marathon in 2018 and is now helping others achieve their goals. Nathan lives outside of New York City.

Kay Transtrum

Meet Kay, head of runner experience at M1F. She ran her first half marathon in the beginning of 2020, and got a glimpse into why people like running. The feeling of going through a finish line with people cheering her on completely transformed her view of marathons. Kay's primary goals with running include mental and physical health. Kay lives in Phoenix, AZ.


We believe in the magic of turning impossible into possible. Pursuing a goal solo is isolating and lonely, and we want to see you achieve your potential. We want to help you realize you're capable of more than you think, and we do that by helping you cross that finish line. 


Finishers are first-time runners, looking to do a race for the first time. They're runners who used to race in high school and miss the thrill. They're people who usually work out in the gym, but want to add cardio and additional goals to their routine. They're people trying to get a runner's body. They're people who have said for years "I want to run a marathon" but just never have.